Yui, the Japanese Avril Lavigne

When I was in Japan, my freind Jason gave me an old guitar he got from his school. I didn’t know how to play so I just tried playing using the Internet. Suprisingly I knew a lot of songs and though I didn’t know how to strum properly or remember all the chords, I had the basics down.

Now, after not having played for so long, a Japanese pop artist named Yui made me pick up my guitar again. Since I am going to Japan I thought I would try learning more Japanese and getting into the culture again.


 I was listening to some J-Pop when I heard a song by Yui. She is a young, hip, rock/pop singer who to me sounds like the Japanese Avril.  I really liked her music and I decided I will try to learn one of her songs. My choices are Tokyo, I Remember You or Goodbye Days.  Which do you think would be good? 


~ by coconutoz on October 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “Yui, the Japanese Avril Lavigne”

  1. I really like Tokyo! ^__^

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