Religion vs. Science Pt. 1 Religion doesn’t make sense to me

The Board of Directors for God Co.

I know most of my blog entries have been about fun, useless topics about me. And ofcourse there is my dog who sometimes hacks into my account and posts stuff here and there.  But recently I have been interested in religion. Actually, I am interested in all the science and history behind why religion is a lie. 

I don’t want to offend people. Well actually, I don’t mind if I do so for those of you who don’t really enjoy this topic or are scared that after reading this you might doubt your beliefs than you should stop reading. But for those who don’t care either way and don’t know what to believe (like me) than maybe this might be of some interest.


I am not an expert nor do I have knowledge of all religions of the world.  What I have heard from religion comes from the following sources:

  • What I read in the newspaper or watch on tv
  • What I hear from people around me
  • What information is available on the internet
  • What my friends told me when I was young and went to church with them
  • What my parents told me when I was a kid
  • What I learned at religious class when I was forced to go
  • What was told to me when I went to mosque

I haven’t read the Bible, Quran, Torah, and all the other Holy books that describe what God is and what he wants us to do.  Actually that is one goal I have this year. I want to read the Bible and the Quran.  Not because I am religious but because I want to know exactly what both these books say before I totally disregard them.

I don’t want to say I am an atheist because nobody knows with 100% certainty that there is no higher being. But I don’t believe in a specific religion because I think it has been proven via science that most of what all the religions say can’t be possible.  So does that mean I am agnostic?  Maybe. But I am still not convinced whether there is a God.

Why I stopped believing?

These are a few examples that really hit home making me believe that religion had no idea what it was doing.

My earliest memory is of my mother talking to me and telling me about God. I love my Mom but as she is uneducated and has no understanding of religion except from what her mother told her, it is fair to say she was telling me fairy tales.  She told me things like the rain is when God is watering his lawn, snow is when he is dusting and so on.  And she always used religion when it was convenient for her view. I remember I wanted a kitten when I was young and my mom told me that the reason we couldn’t get a kitten was because for every hair it shed in our house, we would have to give a piece of gold to God in heaven. And she also said that alcohol was the devil’s urine.

When I was in elementary school and was forced to go to religious classes on Saturdays our teachers told us the most strange and ignorant ideas.  I remember one day our teacher told us that the Quran predicted everything that was going to happen in the world from creation to destruction. He told us that the Quran knew when there was going to be disasters, wars, etc. He said that even Hitler was predicted. My first question was, then why didn’t someone do anything about it? His answer? Muslims knew but why would we tell the Jews about this? And I found it so strange that being muslim meant being humble, forgiving and loving was only if the person was muslim too. One of the students asked “so what is one of the predictions that will be coming soon?”. The teacher said that we should beware the Chinese for their will be a new Anti-christ like Hitler who will come from China and try to destroy the world with World War III.  He told us not to trust the Chinese and to avoid doing business with them.  This really made me realize that religion not only makes people hate each other’s beliefs but also promotes racism.

Who knew? Apparently the Quran did!

My teacher said he would come from China not Korea. Maybe they all look the same to him?

I was in highschool and had a part-time job. During my lunch I was sitting alone at a food court when a Korean guy approached me. He said he was from some Korean Christian church trying to spread the word of Jesus. First of all, I never think Asians are Christian. It kind of seems de-evolving. I mean originally Buddhism was the main belief of Asians was it not? And doesn’t Buddism stand for peace, tranquility, the belief in nature and one self? Isn’t switching to a religion where wars are fought because of differences of opinion seem as going backwards? Anyway, he asked me if I believed in Jesus and the Bible. At this time I had no knowledge of Christianity nor did I have any strong opinions. But that day I spent about 20 minutes arguing with him why I thought Jesus was being used and the Bible was not the word of God. I asked him if everyone believed in Jesus than why were there so many kinds of Christians. I also asked him if Jesus wrote the bible. He said no. I asked if God wrote the bible. He said that people who received messages from God wrote the Bible.  Then I asked so if I was living in that time and I told people that God gave me a message it would be in the Bible? For example God  told me that eating donuts would cause cancer. Would that have made it into the bible? Would Tim Horton’s be outlawed in Christian countries? He said I didn’t receive a message so it wasn’t possible. But then I asked how he knew those people long before his time were telling the truth. Why did he trust humans who alway lie about messages from God?  There are tons of people who we classify as mentally insane that say God gave them a message. Why don’t you trust them but you trust people you never even met?  Instead of answering these questions with some sort of logic, he resorted to the easy answer. “You must have Faith”. And that is what killed all Faith I had in any religion. The fact that nobody can give me a precise or honest answer. I should just have Faith.

And the book said "Thou shall not consume dough thath has been frieth for else suffer the plague named cancer.

I am sure there are many other reasons I stopped believing in religion but those are just a few that stood out. Then when I went to University and was forced to read books. I learned about Evolution, Astronomy, History, Literature and Communication.  Through science, history and biology it became so obvious to me that there is no way religion could be right about anything in this world. There was no talking snake, 7 days to build the world, people who lived to be 900 years old.  How could there be 72 virgins waiting for one man if he followed the word of Islam and believed in Allah.  If God says he loves us all then why does he cause so much trouble on purpose. Is he that bored that he needs to make people suffer and then tell them believe Him and only Him otherwise He will make your life Hell?

If there is a God then I think it can’t be human, have emotions, get jealous or be nice to only a select few who believe.  A Catholic priest who pretty much gets a free ride in life because he is a person of the cloth gets to go to Heaven. Whether he rapes little boys, takes money from people in the name of the Church and looks down on people who don’t follow his ways will always be a Son of God. But someone who doesn’t believe in religion and just lives every day to be a good person, do good deeds, try not to hurt people and live an honest life will burn in hell for not believing that God got pissed because Adam and Eve ate one stupid apple and threw them out of his paradise. Does he not believe in second chances? Or Forgiveness?

I was hoping I could write something positive about religion but after thinking and sitting in front of my computer trying hard to find one thing that religion gave me that made me happy I came up blank.  I guess the only thing that I can thank my mosque for is giving me free food during special events. But when I think about it, the food was either donated by a rich guy who thought it would benefit his reputation as well as give him points with God to give us all food. Or it was paid for by the money the followers all chipped in every weekend to keep the mosque running. 

I hope my parents don’t read this because even though I have told them time and again I don’t really believe in religion they seem to think it is just a phase I am going through.  If they read what I wrote they would probably be heartbroken and think they let the devil take hold of their son.  My parents go to mosque probably 3 to 5 times a week. I guess the only good thing that religion gave my family is something for my parents to do.


~ by coconutoz on February 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “Religion vs. Science Pt. 1 Religion doesn’t make sense to me”

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself! 🙂 I grew up in the southern U.S., where people have the same ideas about Christianity. It is all about fear, hatred, extremism and bias against people who do not believe in the same way as them. I personally believe religion evolved as a way to control weak-minded individuals (i.e., “followers”) and centralize power, be it men, the church itself, etc.

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  3. Hello,

    Well, a fair call. I grew up in a Hindu Family and started doubting on the whole concept of god (or gods) when I was 15-16 and probably renounced it soon thereafter. This curiosity also raised in me due to similar issues/beliefs/fundamentals/incidences as mentioned by you and it always makes me wonder how we human can be scared of our innate urge of inquisitiveness. Any religious person will not dare to question any of his/her belief just because of the fear of being deemed sinner but surely if there is a god he/she/it wants us to progress which will never be possible if we do not allow ourselves the freedom of thought.

    Anyway its something I have argued about for years with believers and mostly I was asked to shut up with a million Dollar statement ” we are not suppose to question the divine”. Just one correction, Buddhism is not the oldest surviving religion as it actually emerged from Hinduism. SIdharth (Gautam Buddha), who renounced all his princely wealth and comfort to find the truth was a Hindu, who upon enlightenment established Buddhism.

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