The fun and exciting world of Printers (not!)

This post is dedicated to my friend/coworker Terry as we decided to give each other a topic to discuss for our blogs.  I was lucky enough to receive the topic of printers. I’m sure it was payback for giving him the topic of Pumpkins.  So the following is my input on the topic of printers.

I have decided to focus on one specific printer: the Dot Matrix printer.  The one I believe has the coolest name and is sadly missed.


For those of you babies born after the 80’s you might not remember this printer. This printer uses the back and forth motion and a ribbon to punch ink into the paper using pins.  Another key feature is that the plate that has the pins which punch into the ribbon are made of either ruby or sapphire. A printer with bling bling. How sweet is that.

Why I love the Dot Matrix

  • The name makes me feel like I’m a spy or secret agent
  • The noise created by the back and forth motion may annoy some but to me is like a dope rap beat
  • The edges which ripped off I often used to fold into puffy stars which i filled in bottles all over my room (no I’m not gay)
  • The paper was all connected in a giant stack so i could trail it all over the house like toilet paper
  • The ink was smudgable so if I could quickly smudge a note I had just printed it would look like it was ancient scroll I had uncovered making me feel like a young Indiana Jones

It is obvious that the dot matrix is almost all but gone. Ink jet and laser printers have taken over and set the standard.  But don’t feel too bad for the dot matrix because it is still used in many data based duties such as banks, aviation and research as quantity is more important than quality.  Also in movies where hippies living in the dessert pick up signals of alien transmissions always print out these findings using a dot matrix. 

I am happy knowing that if there is ever a day when I am sad and need the  nostalgic and familiar sound of print on tractor paper I will always have my Epson FX dot matrix printer at my parents home where they still use it.

Viva la Dot Matrix!


~ by coconutoz on May 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “The fun and exciting world of Printers (not!)”

  1. ahh geez, you actually wrote it. fucking pumpkins…

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