Magibon and Me!

To watch my funny interview with Magibon go to:

Hi Everyone,

Do you know who Magibon is? Well if you don’t then you are not really into YouTube in Japan.  And if you do, then you are a nerd like me and have watched most of her videos.

She is an “idol” on YouTube as she is the 3rd most subscribed person in Japan.  The funny thing is she is not Japanese nor does she speak it…much.  Her videos are basically her staring into a screen, smiling with her big doe eyes, saying her name and sometimes adding a sentence or two of  random thought in Japanese.

Most people who would make these kind of videos would probably find they get about 30 views at most.  However, for some reason the Japanese public have fallen in love with Magibon and now she averages a few hundred thousand hits per 40 sec. clip.  I believe she is a YouTube partner, has had some of her videos hit more than 1 million views and there are dozens of parodies and/or replies to her videos. She even posted a video where her image was playing above a crowded department store somewhere in Tokyo ( i think). 

After watching her and seeing my videos get lucky if they hit 200 views, I decided to make a video myself spoofing her.  I am not sure if she will ever see the video since hardly anyone watches my videos but it would be fun to see her reaction to my video. 

If you want to see the video you can watch it at:

Thanks for reading and talk to you all soon.


~ by coconutoz on July 4, 2010.

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