My reception to Inception

The movie this summer that everyone is talking about and seems to bring as much hype as Avatar did last year is Inception. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and sidekick Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I am not going to bore you with the plot, the money it has earned or even the records it has broken. For that, feel free to go to IMDB or some other review of the film.

If you are reading this then you have already seen the movie and love it or you are thinking about seeing it. If you haven’t seen it yet you can still read on. But, be warned I will be discussing specific scenes. I won’t give away the ending (although everyone seems to interpret it their own way) so if you don’t mind finding out some of the best and worst scenes than you might enjoy what follows.

So here are the categories:

  • Best Overall scene
  • Best laugh
  • Best cry
  • Cheesiest part
  • One of a kind moment

Best Overall Scene

Without a doubt if you ask most people the best overall scene will probably also be the one of a kind moment: The anti-gravity fight scene.  How Leo didn’t fight to be part of it is beyond me. I think although the movie is great, story line is strong and visually it is incredible, without this fight scene people would have not considered Inception as a CGI achievement.  Not only the fight sequence is well done but how smoothly the characters make their way across the hallway and battle with the weightlessness while still being able to make it look believable.  Even adding little bits like tying all the people together with phone cords to transport them together made the situation so interesting.

Best Laugh

Although Inception was a sci-fi, suspense drama it was still able to infuse a little bit of comic relief to keep everyone entertained.  Most people will remember the European character (not sure if he is supposed to be German) always mocking others and having a synde remark here or there. But for me, the best laugh was when the character Arthur (Levitt) was sitting with Ariadne (Ellen Page) in a dream sequence. The subconcious was getting suspicious and Arthur pulled Ariadne close and kissed her.  She questioned whether it helped diffuse the situation and Arthur answered with “It was worth a shot”.  A kind of funny, akward flirtatious moment between the two made it cute and funny.

Best Cry

Now I hardly every cry at movies (except Stars Wars Episode I, at how bad it was) but the saddest moment was when Cobb(Dicaprio) was trying to convince his wife Mal (Cotillard) that she was not in a dream. She didn’t believe him and jumped out of the hotel window committing suicide.  Not only did my heart sink as she dropped but seeing Cobb’s face red and weepy struck a chord. I was a little veklempt.

Cheesiest Part

It is rare that a movie doesn’t have some cheesy waste of time moment put in to either indulge the advertisers or make the producers feel they are artists but this movie lacked cheese. The only part that could kind of be considered cheese is when the son of the CEO was at his father’s deathbed and opened the safe to find his father’s last will and testament as well as a small paper fan the father had kept as a memento of his son’s childhood.  Tears ensued and I dug into my Reese’s Pieces.

One of a kind moment

The anti-gravity scene is definitely the unique scene this movie had to offer but another scene that could compare is when we first enter the dream world of Ariadne.  Watching her play around with her subconcious and change the roads, create bridges, smash mirrors and finally get attacked by her own subconcious was both educational and a unique perspective on dreaming.

In Conclusion Inception was definitely worth the price of a movie ticket and will lead to great debate and discussion with your friends as everyone interprets it in a different way.  Go see it if you haven’t already and pee before you sit as the movie is pretty long. But it passes by like a dream…bad pun, I know.


~ by coconutoz on August 4, 2010.

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